Steel Panther – Sunset Strip Live – Tickets – Plaza LIVE Orlando – Orlando, FL – August 17th, 2018

Steel Panther - Sunset Strip Live

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Steel Panther - Sunset Strip Live

Friday, Aug 17, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$27.50 - $99.00

Steel Panther
This is not fake news. Right now, somewhere, some girl is taking her top off to the most
anticipated album of 2017, Steel Panther’s fourth full-length studio album Lower the Bar.
Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock
virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Made up of Michael Starr (lead singer),
Satchel (guitarist), Lexxi Foxx (bass), and Stix Zadinia (drums), the Los Angeles hair metal group
does it again. They look good, they sound good and they’re in it for the pussy.
The title Lower the Bar was the brainchild of Satchel. “Satchel suggested that I should lower the
bar if I wanted to get laid more often,” says Michael. Lexxi disagrees, thinking Lower the Bar
was so short people could also drink at bars. And Steel Panther hands it to them, alcoholic
midgets, because they can’t reach over the counter.
“It has so many meanings,” the band admits. “There’s really no situation you can’t apply Lower
the Bar to.” It can be applied to life aspirations. “You walk down the street and see people
who are homeless, sleeping in puddles of their own urine and eating pieces of cardboard and
sometimes they seem perfectly happy. And sometimes I ask myself why can’t I do that. I need
to set the bar as low as this person has.”
It can even be applied to girls. “Sometimes you get a hot girl you would’ve never expected to,
but it’s still a good idea to lower the bar. You should expect the sex to be terrible, because a lot
of hot girls are bad in bed. They just lay there. Go in knowing she’s going to be horrible and if
she does anything like lick your balls and swallows that’s a win.”
Everything you hear on a Steel Panther record is taken from real life. “It really is just a life story
put to music.” Satchel goes on, “We all got high and naked and drunk and then Lexxi had sex
with these three girls and the rest of us watched them. That’s what we do for every record.”
Michael values the importance of relaxing during the writing process, “I went to the beach and
wrote a song called “I love the beach.” Lexxi also wrote a song that didn’t make the cut, “I
wrote a song about the dog. It’s called “I sucked a dog’s dick,” but I didn’t think people would
like it.”
“The name is different and we picked different songs. I think that’s something everyone can
expect with this one,” says Stix. The band has broadened their horizons topically and lyrically,
going places they haven’t gone before. Satchel adds, “It’s not just sex, drugs and love of rock
and roll. This time it’s sex, drug and love of rock and roll, and partying and heavy metal.” Also,
the hair is a bit different. “I’m using different hairspray” says Lexxi.
Steel Panther has no intention of changing their style: hair is down, spandex is on and tits are
out. They’re on a greater mission and one might want to leave their morals behind. One listen
to the twisted single titled “Anything Goes” and one could not agree more. Indeed, anything
goes. More than in airport bars, international waters, the Wild Wild West or Steel Panther’s sex
lives, anything goes. It’s an unpredictable no holes barred fuck fest that doesn’t have to answer
to anyone’s rules.
The music video for the first single “She’s Tight” is a sexified version of the Cheap Trick song
“She’s Tight.” It delivers more pussy and partying and skin than the 1982 hit. Cameos in the
video include Cheap Trick’s Rob Zander, Bobbie Brown, Paris Michael Jackson and Tony Palermo
(Papa Roach). Guests on the record don’t end there. Rudy Sarzo, heavy metal legend and
bassist for Whitesnake and Quietriot, slays on one of the songs. “That’s very exciting as he’s
always been a rock and roll hero for us and he likes to party.”
Steel Panther is now known as the greatest neo-metal, glam throwback parody band, have four
full length albums, platinum level YouTube status, high profile television appearances, tour
across the world and are notorious. Ultimately though, this fearsome four just hopes heavy
metal can bring about world peace. “In a world of hate and despair right now it’s important to
bring in the heavy metal community around the world. We hope our record will bring world
peace and happiness to everyone that listens to it”, concludes Michael. Lexxi adds, “And
maybe a few more people will try to fuck a hot midget at Niagara falls.”